Patrol Bureau

Commander of: 

  • Patrol Operations

  • Central Communications


The Patrol Bureau represents the largest complement of personnel and is the most recognized bureau within the Bloomfield Police Department. It is often considered the “backbone” of the department, representing the first line of defense in providing protection and service to all people residing, visiting or traveling through the Township.


Officers of the Patrol Bureau are responsible for the prevention and repression of crime, the apprehension of offenders, the maintenance of peace and the protection of life and property. Our officers are committed to offering a professional level of service and treating all people impartially, with respect, compassion and consideration.

It is the responsibility of the Patrol Bureau to ensure the safe and expeditious use of all the amenities that Bloomfield has to offer. The men and women of the Patrol Bureau are committed to the values of Bravery, Pride and Dedication, while striving for excellence in the delivery of police services.


The Patrol Bureau is under the command of Captain Nicholas Polidoro.