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Traffic Complaints Form

  1. Specific intersection, 4 way stop, street, direction of travel, etc.
  2. Complaint Zoning
  3. Type of Complaint
    Check all that apply or specify.
  4. Specify hours of day, not just morning/night.
  5. Is there specific vehicle(s) involved?
  6. Include make, model, color of vehicle, license plate, male or female driver and description if possible.
  7. Thank you for filing a traffic complaint report. This reporting system is for non-emergency incidents. If you have an emergency, dial 911. With the information provided from this form, officers will be advised of your issue or concern. When time and call load permits, officers will randomly conduct traffic saturation patrols in your area of concern. If you need assistance please call the Township of Bloomfield Police Department non-emergency line at 973-680-4141.
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