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House Watch Request

  1. House Watch
    This service is not available to those that will have someone staying at the residence. This consists of an officer checking the residence and surrounding area for suspicious activity at random times, as time and call load permits. A house watch must be requested by a resident of the location. It will be effective for no more than 30 days. If the resident returns early, please contact the police department and advise them.
  2. Increased Patrol
    This service can be requested by an occupant of a location and consists of a drive-by inspection at random times, as time and call load permits. The request must be in relation to a reported crime or suspicious activity. The time limit for an Increased Patrol is two weeks(14 days).
  3. Does Emergency Contact have access to the residence?
  4. Mail service/newspaper delivery stopped?
  5. If Increased Patrol, include case or incident number.
  6. Please list caregiver's name and type of vehicle.
  7. Will lights be on timer?
  8. Vehicles Left at Residence
    Include where your vehicle is parked, in front, driveway, etc.
  9. Vehicle 1
  10. Vehicle 2
  11. Vehicle 3
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