Training BUREAU and Emergency Response Team

The Training Bureau is responsible for the training of all recruits, uniformed officers, and civilians in the Bloomfield Police Department. The Training Bureau is responsible for a variety of training and instruction in order to maintain the qualifications of the department’s members. These include training in handguns, shotgun, rifles and CED (Taser) qualifications. Training is also provided in the areas of Use of Force, Vehicular Pursuit, and other subjects required by the NJ Attorney General. Officers also attend classes offered by Police Academies and outside vendors, which is coordinated by the Division.

In addition, the Bureau prepares an Executive Summary & Comstat report to the Public Safety Director and Command Staff which documents crime statistics for the township on a weekly basis. The Uniform Crime Report (UCR) is also a responsibility of the Training Bureau and is submitted to the NJ State Police on a monthly basis. The Training Bureau disseminates and monitors online training via Power DMS and NJ Learn systems to all personnel. This enables personnel to take training classes on their own time and provides compliance for Accreditation.

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) which is under the command of Captain Anthony Sisco is comprised of Ten members of the department. ERT is responsible for executing court ordered search warrants of high risk suspects. ERT personnel are also responsible for conducting annual Active Shooter Incident Response training for all Bloomfield Police Personnel. This scenario based training is conducted in a different school in Bloomfield on an annual basis.

All of the Training Bureau responsibilities ensure that all officers and civilian staff are provided exemplary training in all areas required to protect and serve our community.