Support Services Director


Anthony Dezenzo is a retired Chief of Police with over 32 years of Law Enforcement experience spanning every rank in his department. Anthony has operational and administrative experience that can be applied to all of the various assignments from the Public Safety Director.

Accreditation Work

In the role of Assistant to the Public Safety Director, Anthony is responsible for the ongoing Department Accreditation. The Bloomfield Police Department just recently completed the on-site assessment of the New Jersey Chiefs of Police Association and will seek re-accreditation every three years. In addition, oversight of the Police Department Animal Control Unit is the responsibility of the Assistant to the Director, as well as coordinating the Department training.


The Assistant to the Director will perform a wide range of high level managerial and professional staff work at the request of the Public Safety Director by providing general strategic and administrative direction to the department through policy management and review. The Assistant to the Director will conduct research, critical analysis, financial analysis and special studies on complex, confidential and sensitive administrative and policy issues.